Quantum BadBoy T5 Fluorescent Lighting System


Quantum BadBoy T5 Fluorescent Lighting System


SIZE, OUTPUT and PERFORMANCE:  The Quantum BadBoy T5 is the brightest T5 on the market!  The T5 Bad-Boy produces color and light much closer to that of regular daylight than the leading competitors resulting in tighter internodal spacing, thicker stem-walls heartier foliage, and natural increases in extracts. All of these come together to create a much healthier plant while enhancing the natural characteristics of each specific plant.

The Quantum T5 Tri-phosphor bulbs are designed for maximum performance with the Fulham T5 Race Horse ballast. These are tuned for maximum output with the Quantum T5 Reflector. The Quantum BadBoy T5 coupled with Fulham’s T5 Race Horse ballast put out over 28% more light than the competitions fixtures WITHOUT additional power consumption. The Quantum unit will give up to 50% more lumens at 6″ and 1′ away from the plants. The lumens are driven more consistent farther away from the fixture.

  • Quantum Full Cycle lights for year round production HO 54 Watt T5 Lamps
  • High Output Quantum Lamp: 93.5 lumen per watt for 2900 K Lamp
  • High Output Quantum Lamp: 88 Lumen per watt for 6500 K Lamp
  • Super High output hyper-driven lamps and fixtures for maximum production from start to finish.
  • Unique folding T5 structure: Ultra compact size for shipping and ultra light weight to operate.
  • Universal input voltage: The ballast can operate from 120V To 277V and 50HZ Or 60HZ.
  • Vented Quantum Reflector – Eliminate the heat. Drive the lumens and not the heat.
  • Vented Ballast housing: Keeps ballast running cool and extends ballast life.
  • Unique Lamp spacing- more uniform and panel light, better than HPS point light.


BadBoy Triphosphor T5 Lamps


  • HO HIGH OUTPUT Lamps: Triphosphor coated.
  • 93.5 Lumen / per Watt for 2900 Kelvin/ 5,049 lumens per lamp
  • 88 Lumen / per Watt 6500 Kelvin / 4,752 lumens per lamp
  • High Lamp Operating Temperature : 35°C
  • High Lumen Maintenance : 90% over 10,000 hours
  • 8 pk. lamps Shipping box – 4.3″ x 4.3″ x 48″- will pass a 3′ drop test!